Saturday, 8 February 2014

Boots Hidden Clearance Gem

Hidden in every Boots store is a small shelf of absolute gems. This is also called the clearance shelf and I've only recently discovered mine.

They obviously don't go shouting out about these as they're full of bargains and I'm guessing they're not always amazing but I'd recommend finding your local one and having a nose before doing your Boots shopping.

Luckily for me, there happened to be 3 huge shelves full of products this week, mainly full of 17 make up products, I think this is because the company recently rebranded themselves from '17' to 'Seventeen' but it was HUGE!  Not being hugely familar with the brand myself I did limit my spending to trying a few products but with a few more bits in tow, these are the bargains I came away with:

note - my 'buy' links are all to the full price items on Boots (I'm guessing clearance is subject to each individual store)

1) Dr. Ceuticals Body, Tone and Tan - FullPrice: £14.99 Clearance:£4.00 - BUY

This brand isnt one I'm actually aware of, however the lotion claims to firm and shape, show slimming effects and provide a natural glow.
I'm not all that guilable for 'slimming effects' on skincare products, however I do believe they tone (this is just the rubbing effect you do which increases blood circulation you can achieve this with any body lotion but I'll give high end brands the benefit of the doubt to state their claims).

I probably won't actually do a full review until summertime when I love a natural built tan from lotions but I'm excited to try this out, especially for £4.00.

2) 17 Instant Glow Bronzing Powder - FullPrice: £4.59 Clearance: £1.50 - BUY

The link is to the new rebranded version of this product and from first appearance you can see why. The leopard print on the product is a little bit outdated now and dare I say, a bit young/chavvy? I've bought this simply to give it a cheeky review and experience abit with ome bronzers. I'm yet to venture out of the occasional bronze useage but I think this will be great to try with hints of golds and deep browns I'm hoping this will provide a great finishing touch. The only thing that puts me off is its 'wash off' claim. I don't like the idea that it has to tell me it will wash off making it sceptical it won't look all that natural, (please don't make me look terrifying).

3) 17 Hide & Chic Anti-Fatigue Foundation - FullPrice: £6.29 Clearance: £2.00 - BUY

When it comes to foundations, I'm normally abit of a snob and spend a tad more on a good quality one. I mean, it is covering your entire skin so you need to be kind. The downside to this is, they run out and I'm poor so as a quick back up I bought this in soft ivory. It was the lightest shade on offer I'm hoping it'll suit my skin tone, if not, £2 isn't the worlds worse lost.

4) Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Nail Polish in Razzle-Berry - FullPrice: £6.99 Clearance: £2.00 - BUY

Considering this is in perfect condition and was literally on the main shelf last week, I was so pleased to grab this at such a good price. Sally Hansen is very hit or miss with me but these are lovely. The sugar effect isnt too messy and the blue colour is so vivid. They actually had both the pink (cotton candy) and the green (sour apple) but as both had been opened and were starting to crust I decided against them.

5) No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Stand Back - FullPrice: £6.00 Clearance: £2.00 - BUY

Although this colour isn't on the link above, I'm sure you'll find one you love with the array of choice they have on offer. These are so bright and unique. I can't wait to try it out soon.

TIP: I would always advise you check the products before buying as sometimes they are old testers / being opened / not completely full and although you're grabbing a bargain, its still nice to get a brand new product.

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