Friday, 14 February 2014

New Look // Shopping Haul


I've decided to not mention Valentines related stuff today mainly because I'm not actually spending the day with him today as he's at work and its my day off. We actually 'celebrated' on Wednesday with a cheeky Nandos. I'm going to post the outfit I wore this weekend at some point but I've been quite behind so instead you're going to have a Valentines infused weekend I'm afraid from me.

I've picked up a few bits this week which mainly consist of New Look items, I've become obsessed with that shop!! Its so affordable and I find it really easy to browse without feeling like theres just too much to look at which is often how I feel in the larger Topshop stores.

I think this is a weeks worth of bits I've picked up on my lunches and on Weds when we spend a few pennies on our valentines trip.

Black Dress - £19.99 - New Look - BUY

The link isn't to the exact same dress as mine is a simple button back design but its pretty much identical in style.  The photo makes this look very frumpy but once on it looks so cute, i wore it straight down without anything pulling me in (mainly to hide my curvy bits) but it feels really lightweight so its great for a casual outing or even for a night out.

Tribal Statement Necklace - £7.99 - New Look - BUY

I mentioned this necklace in my post the other day (here) to brighten up the black dress. I adore gold on black, I usually do this in the way of studs/spikes/skulls so I love the tribal pattern in this necklace.  It's over stated but not OTT so I don't feel like I'm making too much of an effort.

Leather Look Waterfall Jacket - New Look - £34.99 - BUY

This isn't the sort of jacket I normally opt for, infact, I never opt for jackets. I've always been quite an American Apparel hoodie girl so to venture out of my comfort zone is unlike me. I spent a good few trips in New Look debating weather or not I like this and with the help from the boyfriend, he said it looked good and tah dah, I own it now!

Seude Look Coat - New Look - Was £49.99 Now £25

I know I posted about this the other day (here) but I thought it was worth another haul mention. I've still not sewn it up btw but I need to asap as I plan on taking this on holiday with me in a few weeks time. Its so cosy and warm which is a big plus point with the horrendous weather we're suffering from currently.

Loreal Ever Riche Masque Spray - Boots - £6.99 - BUY 

 I bought this from a recommendation from a fellow blogger as I'm suffering from terrible hair at the moment. This masque is designed to be used as part of a standard hair wash so I'm hoping I'll start to put it in my routine. I'm excited to give this a go and will give it a review soon!

Winnie the Pooh Cushion - The Disney Store - £16 - BUY

Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with all things Disney. As part of our valentines trip my boyfriend bought me this. Our house is full of this big face cushions we also own Nemo, Mike, Sulley, Simba and Tigger! I reallly want Marie from The Arisocats but they don't have it on sale at the moment! :(

Smooth and Shine Hairbrush - Boots - £7.99

If theres anything I hate most its buying lifes boring essentials. Spending £8 on a hairbrush to me is so painful when I could buy something pretty instead. I've shamefully spent far too long without a new brush so it was much needed

Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar - Lush - £5.50  -BUY

Okay, I won't lie, this is actually my boyfriend product as I've never tried shampoo bars before and I'm always so picky over shampoos etc due to so many haircare problems in the past. However,I'm gonna give this a cheeky try this week as I smelt one I adored in the store so I'm hoping if all goes well I have a good excuse to go buy the one I want.

Have you had any shopping splurges lately? Or if you can give me any recommendations on Lushs' shampoo bars I'd love it!!?



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