Saturday, 15 February 2014

T'was A Lush Filled Valentines!

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm going to push Valentines related posts to today. The boyfriend did good when it came to gifts this year (saying that, he did last year, he took me to see Jersey Boys in London!). However, we both set ourselves a £30 budget this year due to us having real life things we need money for nowadays as we're saving for a house and nice things in life.

This doesn't mean he wasn't completely amazing when it came to buying for me! He already suggested Lush as I'm sure you can guess by now, I'm a fan!

 Lush Goodies!!!!

Firstly, I received the beautiful gift box (doesnt include the heart bathbomb):

Hello Gorgeous Gift Box - £21.75 - BUY 
 Safe to say, the boys done good with this one. I didn't actually ask for any of the Valentines gift sets as I didn't personally think they were too cracking this year but this one is just perfect. He actually told me he wanted to get me something different as we tend to just live off the bathbombs in our house. 
So here is what the set has to offer...

Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion (100g) - £12.50 for 250g - BUY 

They have filled this to the brim which instantly makes me love it! I'm yet to try any of their body lotions but I can't wait to give it a go. I tested a small patch on my hand and the scent is so strong that I'm hoping it'll linger on my skin all day.

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub - £8.25 - BUY

I've heard amazing things from this scrub and Lush even recommend using it on your hair aswell as your body! Although I'm always quite sceptical about using scrubs and oherwise what i'd use to exfoliate with on my hair, I  will give it a try even if its just an excuse to get this fresh fragrance on my hair!!

Think Pink Bath Bomb - £2.50 - BUY

This is usually my go-to bathbomb. Its fresh, fruity and turns the bath a lovely shade of pink . I've received in a few gift sets before and for a usual price of £2.50, you can see why Lush put it in as a simple filler item but it does not dissapoint. I'll probably do a review on it this time around as I'm usually too eager and use this bomb straight away.

Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser (10g) - £39.50 for 45g - BUY

Now in terms of facial mosturiser, I love a great combination of ingredients and don't mind spending a tad more if its going to work as afterall, its my skin and face at the end of the day. However, and its a big however, I can't help that a) 10g is a very small trial size pot and b) nearly £40 for the full size is ridiculous! Especially when you consider you only get 45g in the full size. This teeny tiny pot is 10g!
I'm expecting this to be out of this world in terms of impressing me to buy the full size - which as you know from my standard Sample Ramble , I use this as a big decision maker. The scent seems very fresh so far and the teeny bit i put on my hand rubbed in with no issues but I shall soon see!

The Comforter Bubble Bar - £4.50 - BUY

This to me is the kinda product which sells Lush! Its fruity and oozes the 'use me now' factor! I'm guessing the name is partly based on its blackcurrant scent which who can deny, a warm ribeana cures everything! I'm excited to use this as its great to have a product which isn't money down the drain (literally) in one bath! 

The Love Locket Bath Bomb - £6.95 - BUY

If you've been one of the lovely lot that's been reading my blog, you'll know I put this in my January Lusts post and I expressed how much I wanted this! The only downside for me was the price so its always nice when you're not the one paying! I'm actually saving this for a few weeks before I go on holiday for a relaxing bath so the review will be very much belated but I think I need to make the most of a £7 bathbomb! 
Also just for the record, after going into the store to delve into the Valentines range, I actually wasnt so keen on any of it minus this bomb. I found a lot of quite sickly and boring this year so glad he knew i'd love this one!!!

Overall, I've had an amazing Valentines and been treated to Lush treats galore!! 
Did you get anything for Valentines or did you treat yourself to anything special??


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