Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Topshop Sale Haul

So if you haven't noticed yet, the summer sales are well and truly under way on the high street and at a time when I can't be spending a single penny due to moving in with my boyfriend in a few weeks time and scraping together a deposit, this is killing my inner shopper.

However, I did allow myself to have a cheeky trip to Topshop - one of my favourite high street stores (and nicely getting cheaper these days - if anyone else has noticed). I find that their clothes have always been really nice fitting to my figure, despite being of the curvier variety I can always get away with buying a Size 10 which I'm not going to cry about.

I also find as a brand, the range they offer for different women is continuously getting better with the Petite section being an absolute god send to 5foot1 me.

Anyway, I got the 'pre shop' email off them and thought I'd have a cheeky look to see if I could grab myself a bargain and of course I did. I never spend more than £15-£20 on an item in the sale, purely because I love a bargain and I've got to be a little bit careful now the days of Student Finance are over.

Besides the online shop - I did pop into store (I'm a terrible person) and buy a few more bits.
Here's my own Topshop Summer Sale goodies....

Lipstick Case - Was: £6 Now £3 -
This one has sold out but you can buy the Glitter one here
I've been after a lipstick case for months and thought I'd have to do an antique shop run to get my hands on one but for now, I'm pretty happy I've found this one.

                                       Pink Lipstick in Bombshell - Was £9 Now: £5 - Here

I'm fairly new to pink lipsticks normally settling with the standard red shades. I've also read alot of      reviews about Topshop lipsticks - some bloggers loving them and others hating them so I think its time to have my own opinion - Review coming soon.

KAPOW Tights - Was: £8.50 Now: £4 
The BANG tights can be found here

I'm a massive sucker for novelty tights - I'll probably upload my Henry Holland collection one day. But sadly I don't have HH money at the moment so these comic book style tights are perfect for now.

Petite Studded Bralet - Was:£18 Now: £5 - Out of Stock

I couldn't resist this from the online sale for a fiver. Plus I got the last one which is always a result.

Star Bodycon Skirt - Was: £22 Now: £12 - Here
I've been after a long bodycon skirt for ages (although being so short, I can wear this as a dress). I bought it in a size 10 so its going to be my target skirt.

 Long Skull Necklace - Was: 16.50 Now: £8.25 - Bought in store

Anyone that knows me, knows I love a good skull and this is beautiful. With coloured crystalled all over it, its so so cute.

Peel Off Nails in What'Up - Was: £6 Now: £3

I bought this by accident as the sale sticker was covering the 'peel off' and there's a reason its in the sale. Its awful. I don't understand the concept unless you suffer from varnish allergies. I literally applied this and it had completely wiped off an hour later. If perhaps you cant wear nail varnish for work and worry you'll forget to remove it its ideal but if you want lasting colour, don't buy this. 

I want to know what you guys have been buying in the sale???!! This is one of my favourite times of the shopping season and I'm so curious as to what others have been buying!

Stevie-Leigh X

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