Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Week #1

So today I found out I'll be graduating University with a 2:1 in Music Journalism and Broadcasting. Can't even explain how happy I am about this.

This is the start of each week in photos (mainly stolen off my instagram). I've spent a lot of it (6 days infact) a work trying to get in as many hours before i leave this Saturday! boo!

1) Kurt Geiger Loafers, £40, TK Maxx. 2) Being a massive girl but best present off Jamie 
3) Jeffrey Campbells, Again a present off Jamie. £50, TK Maxx 4) Being a fat cow
5) Sunny view of Hanley on my lunch 6) Cheeky work drink with friends
7) Holiday presents of my housemates 8) Pretentious M&S food in the reduced section
9) The cutest pudding ever.  

Clearly this week is surrounded by food and drink (and pretty shoes). I need to kick back into my healthy eating and lose some of this chunk for summer!

Gonna try and post as much as possible next week but my internets been cut off tomorrow as we're leaving our student house in the next few weeks but I shall be back on Sunday! Promise.

Stevie-Leigh X

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