Friday, 21 June 2013

R.I.P Republic Haul

It seems like every company on our town and cities high streets are shutting up shop as they can no longer afford to stay open.

The stores around the country has been messing with our minds for months. One minute high street store Republic is open the next its in its last few days, then we saw it suddenly okay again, then it finally hits its demise in the last few weeks.

I happened to be in my local branch of Republic when the staff members also found out 2/3 weeks ago so I knew to keep my eyes peeled for their soon-to-be closing down sale.

After the chain went into administration in February this year, it was bought out by Sports Direct yet soon faced financial crisis just a mere few months later and announced 75% of stores were to close down.

Now, I don't know if your local store has yet to close its doors or is on its final days but my advice is get there as soon as possible.

With everything 50% off, its worth the trip weather you need new items or not. Its a great excuse to even buy the most staple fashion pieces for the same price as Primark The shop has been known to stock a variety of labels suiting most people with Crafted for the 'rockier' look, Miso for fashion and nights out attire and Soul Cal for the comfy and sporty types.

Personally, Crafted and Miso have been a few popular labels in my wardrobe over the years but like (as it seems most people) i stopped shopping there frequently a few years ago when I simply stopped finding items I loved but with 50% off in the closing down sale who was I to say no.

Heres the bits I bought with everything being half the retail price.

Back Pack (every girl needs one, however uncool they may be) - £12

Pink and White Lace Top - £8

Teeth Necklace - £3.50
Spike / Cz Earrings - £2

Wet Look Skirt (So much prettier in reality) - £10

Until I got home and looked at them, I realised I could team up the top and skirt. Not too sure weather I like it tucked in or out? Advice?? 

If you'd not yet been to your local store then I hope this is a reason too, I could of spent so much more if I'd of had the money but I think ive made some wise choices with some new staple pieces for this summers wardrobe. Has anyone bought any in the closing down sales?? Would love to see everyone else's bargains on here! 

Stevie-Leigh X

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