Friday, 18 July 2014

Sainsburys Summer Home Haul

 Since moving into my own house with the better half, I seem to go crazy for all things home-wise. I had my eyes on the summer range in Sainsburys for a few weeks but knowing I couldnt justify it I held off and last week I saw they had all gone into the sale! so these are a few bits I got my hands on...

Serving Tray -  Was £2 Now 50p
I've been after a 'middle of the table' tray for ages for when we have our friends over and I couldnt resist this, the pattern is so cute too!

Small Tumblers - Was £2 Now 50p Each
These are the nicest colours, the orange one is a more coral shade which has to be one of my favourite shades at the moment, plus we seem to do through cups like crazy!

Dip Bowls - Was£1.50 Now 38p
Being a huge humous / Gucamole / Dip fan I couldnt say no to these for less than 40p! Plus again, I love this coral shade!
Ice Cream Bowls - Was £5 Now £1.25
How adorable are these - This were actually a decision because me and Jamie are terrible for eating out of the ice cream tub so hoping we'll cut down on portion size, we went for these and after using them, ice cream is so much funner with them! 

These are all still available as far as I know along with so so many more things (i did well to hold back) so I'm sure you can check out the range in your local store!!

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